Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Party's Over...It's time to Call it a Year.

Ugg...OKAY, I'll admit it, I'm bummed. It's time to face the music and face the Christmas tree one final time and say my goodbyes. It's been a year (technically over a year) since I assembled the tree in the dining room and never in my wildest imagination at the time did I anticipate keeping it up for an entire year. In fact, I rarely make it through New Year's Day with a Christmas tree in the house.

I am doing all I can to mentally prepare myself. I had no difficulties taking down the 'family tree' in the family room and did so on the 27th. It just felt like the right time and a necessity to bringing back a feeling of order and welcoming possibilities for the arrival of the New Year. Why can't I seem to feel that way about this tree?

For starters it occurred to me this morning as I once again enjoyed gazing upon it over my morning coffee that it makes me FEEL GOOD. I can't imagine how many times this past year I got lost in those gazes throughout the day. It's among one of the first things I visited every morning and the last one at night as I turned off its lights. During overcast days it was my beacon of warmth and cheeriness and during bright sunny days it captivated me as the sun reflected off of the ornaments. It's certainly been a conversation starter more than a few times and it delighted me to watch our guests venture closer to it to take a peek at all of its hidden treasures.

The thought of turning to that corner and finding a dark emptiness after all this time weighs heavy on my heart and makes the burden of taking it down that much larger. I toy with the idea of the fact that Valentine's Day is not far away and since there are already red lights on the tree couldn't I just keep it until then?

Maybe it's not about the red lights as much as it is the ornaments themselves. Years in the making...a testament to my family and our rich history together. This year in many ways was a very difficult year for us and yet...I can honestly say without hesitation that it has been one of the greatest years ever and I have never felt happier. That feeling permeates throughout our house and our family and for that I am grateful beyond words. Was a Year in the Life of a Christmas Tree responsible for that or was it what the tree represented and thus reflected back to us all that captured and amplified those feelings?

As I continue to enjoy what will soon be my last few glances at the tree it reminds me of a well worn treasured quilt. You know the ones that are tattered and a wee bit torn? To another they would mean nothing, but to the bearer of such a treat it is a living memory. Every piece has a story, every stitch a legacy to the hands that stitched them. In times of trouble or need of comfort it wraps us up and soothes us as nothing else can because it is a reminder of all that has been and still is good in our lives. I look at that tree and that is exactly how I am feeling, like I could crawl up in to it and be forever safe and happy. As delightful as that sounds ( and yes, quite itchy) I realize that happiness is ALWAYS just a thought away and even in the darkness there is always the ability to bring forth light. Again I am overwhelmed by the experience this has been and continues to be.

I have come up with some additional ways of entertaining myself this coming year with a new blog of which I am already working on and a way to capture Christmas on a monthly basis this coming year, but on a much smaller scale of which I will not necessarily be blogging, but definitely highlighting thru Facebook.

Thank you all for taking this journey with me. I hope in some small way it inspired you throughout the year as well. I have enjoyed your comments and greatly appreciated your support. I wish for you all a new year filled with abundance, prosperity, good health and numerous blessings.

Much Love,


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