Thursday, August 5, 2010

An Embarrassing Confession

OK, well truthfully, how embarrassed can I be...I mean it's August and I still have my Christmas tree up. To add insult to injury however the tree is still decorated in its Easter best. BTW...for those of you who wondered...the PEEPS have held their own. They are still going strong...hard as rocks, but none the less still as cute as can be. Peeps...not just for Easter baskets any more.

The Year in the Life of a Christmas Tree started as an experiment fueled by a few ideas. #1) I am the first to want to put the tree up every year with the excitement of a child, but ready to take it down the moment the last present has been unwrapped. I love the holiday decorations, but I love order and organization more. Would I be able to handle the sight of a Christmas tree well past the expiration date? #2) I was a tree designer years back and I never tire of the creativity they allow. Never satisfied with the traditional Christmas tree designs, I use every new year as an opportunity to do something very unique. A year's worth of designs was definitely an enticement to explore all the options. #3) A lit Christmas tree months past the fact is a fun way to embarrass the heck out of your offspring. #4) Last Christmas was so special part of me wanted to extend the amazing feeling of warmth and good cheer in a world that was feeling cold and gloomy.

Unfortunately, all good intentions and reasons aside, I lost interest in it. I meant to do the Margaritaville theme to welcome in summer. I envisioned a tree of pink flamingos and margarita glasses which I would have decorated to the background music of Jimmy Buffett. I looked forward to celebrating independence day with streamers of red, white and blue...BUT then it happened...I lost my tree mojo. No longer an object of desire and inspiration, but another thing on the to-do list which seems to grow day by day. SHAME ON ME! Knowing that this experiment was meant to teach me something...I realize today's lesson is that once again I allowed myself to be distracted by all the things I don't necessarily want to do but failed to allow myself time for the things I WANT TO DO. How often does that happen???

And so although I could call what happened a failure, I will refuse to do so. There have been so many wonderful surprises that took place on the journey so far and you know what...I'm not ready to give in. There are Halloween decorations that are calling to me. It's time to put on my big girl shoes...take a bite or two off a stale peep to allow for the sugar rush and find me a theme for September!!!

Stay tuned....???